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New postby LWC82PE on Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:12 am

When asking questions, please state what model you have got, or at least a brief description if you are not sure. What colour is the motor? how many head or barrel studs, is it reed valve model? is the exhaust port center or off center? Even a photo will help as someone will be able to give a ball park estimate as to what model it is. Besides that you can use some of the identification charts we have on here, however they are not 100% fool proof for every country. The best way to correctly ID your bike is to contact a Suzuki dealer in your country and tell them your frame number (found on the head stem of the bike where the steering tube is)
Some markets got newer updated models while others still kept older models and were slower to update and this can add some confusion to correctly IDing a bike.
Yes please get yourself some workshop manuals for your bike. Even a basic motorcycle electrics and carburettor manual would be helpful to you if you are new to all this and wanting to have a go at things yourself and learn. Famliarize yourself with the main common online parts sites. You can get part numbers for 99% of all parts found on Suzuki TS's at the various websites.There will be links on here to those but a simple google search will easily set you in the right direction.
If you don't have a lot of the right tools i recommend spending some money and buying some, especially a flywheel puller and clutch holding tool.
Wanted - 1978 TS185C frame with Australian compliance plate
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