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Main Page

This is the instructional wiki for TC TS and TM motorcycles.

Here you will find different sets of detailed instructions for how to complete tasks related to these motorcycles. You may also add or improve articles, to further expand the knowledge base.


[edit] Identification

[edit] Documents

[edit] Maintenance & Repair

[edit] Buyer's checklist

[edit] Special tools

  • JIS screwdrivers and bits (and an explanation of why Phillips screwdrivers cause a trail of destruction to screw heads; and a source for JIS IMPACT bits!)
  • Suzuki Tool Kit (Contents of Suzuki Tool Kit that came with TF100 and possibly other models)

[edit] Electrical

[edit] 12-volt

[edit] Engine and transmission

[edit] Carburetor

[edit] Suspension

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Parts

Information on original parts, interchange parts, updates, and substitutions which might horrify a Suzuki purist

  • Microfiche (Links to online sites which publish factory expanded / exploded diagrams)
  • Hop-up kits (Suzuki sold bits to make these machines a lot louder and maybe a little bit faster)
  • Electrical terminals and connectors (Possible sources of factory-compatible wiring parts)
  • Headlamps (Random thoughts on round and horseshoe-shaped headlamps)

[edit] Troubleshooting / case histories

[edit] Lost title information

[edit] General texts

[edit] External links

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